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Securing the right celebrity, with the right chemistry to complement your customers and event, is fundamental to the effort and expense.  Having worked closely with many celebrities over years of managing events, we are in a position to make well-informed recommendations to you, our corporate client.

For as little as a few thousand dollars, a celebrity appearance for pre- or post-tournament entertainment, a round of golf or an evening talk over dinner can elevate the stature of your event.  Lasting impressions are created when your best customers interact one-on-one with celebrities and take the experience home with them through a signed keepsake photograph or memento.

Contact us to receive preferential service, at no additional cost to you, from representatives of the following athletes / celebrities.

Note:  R.B. Robertson & Company, Inc. does not wish to imply
a representation relationship.  The individuals listed above employ their own agents.  However, R.B. Robertson & Company has hired and worked with these individuals and their agents, closely over the years, serving to establish professional rapport.  It is this relationship which provides access and preferential consideration for a tendered appearance offer.

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